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Normally I judge whether to check a band out on bandcamp solely on how awesome their album art is, and I think you can agree, this one looks bloody cool. Aidan Knight is a Canadian based out of Victoria and is producing some fairly amazing tunes, making a good use of strings which will always endear someone to me. Versicolour is his first full length album, coming after 3 previous EPs.

There are in my opinion, 3 stand out songs from this. The album opener ‘The Sun' is a song with a majestic build up to a cracking ending. 'Knitting Something Nice For You' is the obligatory foot stomper, and probably my favourite on the album. The third is 'Jasper’, used as the lead song on this post as it is the most accessible. 

Versicolour is ‘name you price’ on bandcamp, which of course means you can have it free, but I recommend a donation. He can also be found on spotify. If you have the time, listen to the video I posted on Sunday of his live performance of ‘Knitting’, its pretty brilliant.

Today’s delight is a great band called The Alexander. The duo comprises the talented musicians James Wenzel and Alexander Bercow; James handling the lyrics, and the eponymous Alexander the prime guitar.

The lead on this post, 'Lakes', is a great song, straight from the handbook of Justin Vernon himself and probably my favourite on the EP. I also like 'Islands (Bit Too Much)' with a fantastic female vocal addition and a catchy chorus. Honourable mention goes to the great guitar work on the EP opener 'Oceans' giving it a very folky feel I appreciated.

The EP is currently on free download on bandcamp, and I cannot do much more than implore you to have a listen. For those of you who have joined the future on Spotify, it can be streamed there too from here. Of course, take the time to like them on Facebook and show some indie music support!

Connecticut based band The Willow & The Builder are today’s musical wonderment. The group is based around two multi-instrumentalists, Richard Miron and Adrian Simon, with a rotating cast of featured musicians performing on each song.

The lead song on this post, Teahouse Treehouse, describes the singer’s endeavours in a hastily constructed treehouse and has been a particular favourite of mine over the past week. A Vast Emptiness is a quaint effort, with something of a West End monologue feel about it. Another favourite of mine is What’s Next, which builds to a great song, full of energy.

This album can be had on bandcamp as a ‘Name your price’ option, which to many people will mean free, but I once again recommend even a token donation to keep the music rolling.

As a follow up to my post on 41st and home earlier in the week, here is them performing live.

I stumbled onto 41st and Home when perusing bandcamp upon the 'cinematic' tag, and was hooked from the start. The short opener on the album, ‘Summons’, gives a good taste of the rest of the album, and if you like that, the remainder just gets better.

By far my favourite song on this album is the raucous rampage ‘Modern Medicine’, a mixture of quaint pop folk and epic sounds. The lead song on this post, ‘Gorbachev’, is another fantastic tune and is available free to download (although the lyrics are 20 years late). Honourable mentions go to the slow starting but great ending ‘Hummingbird’, and the soft finale of the title track, ‘Raised by Wolves’.

As always I recommend a digital purchase, and for those of you who still own a record player in the 21st century, a vinyl.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/41standhome

Bandcamp: http://41standhome.bandcamp.com/album/raised-by-wolves

(Source: 41standhome.com / 41standhome)

Folk-indie group First Nations hail from British Columbia, Canada and produce some compelling work. Black Beach was published on that ever brilliant site, bandcamp, in March 2011, and is their 4th full publication, following an equally good Wand from late 2010.

My favourite song from this album is ‘Mt. St. Helens’, the lead song on this post, I just like the guitar arrangement. Another gem is the opener, ‘Your Waves, They Grow’, with its pumping drum line throughout the entire track leading to a densely layered end.

This album, along with ‘Wand’, is being offered for ‘Name your price’ on bandcamp, which although allows you to choose free, I recommend a donation of some kind.

This is Mama Rosin, an absolute beast of a group from Switzerland, playing Cajun dance music! Stand up, dance.

After a break, I am back, with Norwich-based Ducking Punches aka Dan Allen.

His music is probably best described as folk-punk, along the lines of Billy Bragg. On this EP he came together with some other artists to add another layer to his work, which to my ears has worked well. Recommended songs are ‘Lady Luck’ (2), a rabble rousing chant, and the lead song on this post ‘Hell is other people’, a short sharp and fast talking soapbox.

Go ahead and have a listen.

Bandcamp: duckingpunches.bandcamp.com

Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Ducking-Punches/100658719979525