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Today’s delight is a great band called The Alexander. The duo comprises the talented musicians James Wenzel and Alexander Bercow; James handling the lyrics, and the eponymous Alexander the prime guitar.

The lead on this post, 'Lakes', is a great song, straight from the handbook of Justin Vernon himself and probably my favourite on the EP. I also like 'Islands (Bit Too Much)' with a fantastic female vocal addition and a catchy chorus. Honourable mention goes to the great guitar work on the EP opener 'Oceans' giving it a very folky feel I appreciated.

The EP is currently on free download on bandcamp, and I cannot do much more than implore you to have a listen. For those of you who have joined the future on Spotify, it can be streamed there too from here. Of course, take the time to like them on Facebook and show some indie music support!

The Black Atlantic are a great four-piece, originating from The Netherlands. Their lead singer sings very high, similar to Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) or Jonsi (Sigur Ros), and with layered harmonies. Musically the album is very relaxed in tempo yet still interesting.

'Heirloom' (3), the title track 'Reverence for fallen trees' (9) and the lead song on this post, 'Fragile Meadow' (2) are my recommendations if you are short of time.

This album can be had for free on their bandcamp page if you want to take it offline, although as always I encourage a donation for their efforts!

(Source: theblackatlantic.com / inacabinwith)

The song ‘I Am A Ghost’, which I used as the lead song on this post, is an absolute corker of a song from a great Minneapolis based group, The Farewell Circuit.

The tags used by this band to describe their EP on bandcamp are as follows: bon iver, death cab for cutie, iron & wine, and radiohead. After listening to this album you too will agree that is a fair match for them.

This EP can be had for ‘Name your price’ on Bandcamp, which means you can of course have it for free. For the great music though, you should definitely make a donation to them!

They also have a few other EPs to listen to on their bandcamp hub, well worth checking out if you have some spare time.

Tuneglue - a great similar artist finder


This site is fantastic way to find artists similar to those you are already listening to in a great spidermap style.

For example, typing in Fleet Foxes as a starting point will instantly take you to such great bands as Bon Iver, Local Natives and The Tallest Man on Earth. I took a screengrab showing this one.

I have no idea how it works, but you often find incredibly obscure artists showing up on here, even independent ones.

TuneGlue Map with Fleet Foxes as the starter