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Normally I judge whether to check a band out on bandcamp solely on how awesome their album art is, and I think you can agree, this one looks bloody cool. Aidan Knight is a Canadian based out of Victoria and is producing some fairly amazing tunes, making a good use of strings which will always endear someone to me. Versicolour is his first full length album, coming after 3 previous EPs.

There are in my opinion, 3 stand out songs from this. The album opener ‘The Sun' is a song with a majestic build up to a cracking ending. 'Knitting Something Nice For You' is the obligatory foot stomper, and probably my favourite on the album. The third is 'Jasper’, used as the lead song on this post as it is the most accessible. 

Versicolour is ‘name you price’ on bandcamp, which of course means you can have it free, but I recommend a donation. He can also be found on spotify. If you have the time, listen to the video I posted on Sunday of his live performance of ‘Knitting’, its pretty brilliant.